Signs That Your Cat Might Be Sick

Because your cat can’t tell you (in words) that he’s sick, and will in fact try to hide it from you, you should be aware of the behavior clues that signal the need for a vet visit. The following is an alphabetical list of some symptoms and behaviors, along with some of the illnesses they might indicate:

Breathing difficulties: Foreign bodies, head cold, leukemia, upper respiratory system disorder
Changes in the skin: Allergies, external parasites, fungus infection, improper diet
Constipation: Blockage of the intestine, foreign bodies, infectious peritonitis, head cold, kidney stones, uterine infection, worms
Coughing and sneezing: Cat flu, head cold, upper respiratory system disorder
Diarrhea: Hair balls, improper diet, infectious peritonitis, kidney problems, leukemia, poisoning, worms
Fever: Bacterial infection, flea infestation, hair balls, kidney problems, upper respiratory system disorder, viral infection
Increased thirst: Diabetes, flea infestation, kidney problems, liver disease, leukemia, poisoning, uterine infection
Running eyes and nose: Cat flu, feline pneumonitis, injury, upper respiratory disorder
Scratching ears and shaking head: Ear infection, ear mites
Swollen body: Distemper, fleas, foreign bodies, infectious peritonitis, leukemia, worms
Vomiting: Foreign bodies, hair balls, improper diet, infectious peritonitis, poisoning, worms

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