How to Travel With a Cat in the Car

When traveling with your cat, use the following handling guidelines to minimize damage and distress to your model. Remember, however, that most felines would prefer to stay home. If this is possible, consider hiring a pet nanny to watch your feline while you travel.

How to Travel With a Cat in the Car

How to Travel With a Cat

When transporting your feline by car, secure it in a purpose-designed pet carrier. Because many cats are extremely averse to automobile transport, it is wise to show them the carrier several hours in advance of a trip, so they can get used to it. Depending on your cat’s demeanor, you might also wish to confine it to a specific area before the journey (making sure it has access to water and litter) so that it doesn’t attempt to hide.

Line the crate with a familiar blanket and then place the cat inside. This task can either be simple or difficult, depending on how much the cat despises automobiles. Be advised that the cat may vocalize steadily during the entire journey. If you are not sure how your model will react to a long trip, try taking it on several shorter ones. This will give you an idea of its temperament, and, perhaps, will accustom the cat to the novel situation.

If the trip will last more than 1 hour, take along water and a small litter box for the feline to use. At regular intervals, pull the car over, secure all windows, and allow the feline the run of the interior (and use of its litter box). Do not allow the cat to roam the inside of the car, unrestrained, while the vehicle is in motion. This is an invitation to an automobile accident.

How to Travel With a Cat


Caution-SignNever, for any reason, leave your cat alone in a car. The interior of a parked vehicle can quickly reach intolerable temperatures, triggering stress, hyperthermia, heat exhaustion, and worse.



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