Choosing Cat Bed Tips – Getting Your Cat to Use Cat Bed Tips

Cats sleep anywhere from 16 to 20 hours each day, depending on their age, health, physique, and personality. In order to prevent your cats from spending its day sleeping on your bed, couch, or other piece of furniture, you may want to purchase a cat own bed. When shopping for a cat bed, condo or tree, consider the following choosing cat bed tips to keep your cat healthy and happy:

  • Make sure any cat tree you are considering is made of new carpet only, not carpet that has been recycled and chemically cleaned to make it look new.
  • If your cats are very heavy, make sure your tree or condo will hold them and not tip over when they jump on it.
  • If you have an elderly cat, consider a heated bed – this can really help with arthritis in the winter.
  • Choose the right size for your cat. Make sure your cat can stretch out comfortably, but don’t get one that is too big. Cats feel more secure and comfortable in smaller places. You may want to measure your cat from his head to the base of his tale and add a few inches.
  • Choose one that is easy for your cat to get in and out of. If you have a kitten or older cat, you’ll want to make extra sure that the walls of the bed are low enough so that your kitten or senior cat can get in and out easily.
  • Natural fabrics for the lining and stuffing are best. This provides extra comfort for your cat and helps with some allergies. Natural fabrics include cottons, wool, feathers, and kapok. Synthetic fibers that are hypoallergenic are also good.
  • Choose one that is machine-washable. This will allow you to keep your cat’s sleeping area clean and free from potential fleas and also from allergens.

Cat beds come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials

Cup-Style Beds

Kitty cups really appeal to cats. The circular design follows the natural contour of a cat’s curled up sleeping position and helps him retain body heat. Most cup beds are made of plush fabric. Cup beds come in a variety of sizes, and some have hoods. They can be placed wherever your cat likes to sleep.

Cave-style bed

Some cats prefer to sleep in sheltered areas. For example, your cat may spend most of the day hidden under furniture. In this case, you should try a cave-style bed. These beds will provide some covering so that your cat can sleep inside a den-like structure.


Pads are simply flat pieces of fabric, some stuffed, that lie on a chair or sofa cushion. The makers of some pads claim that their products are electro-statically charged to capture dander and hair. Some are made from fake fur or sheepskin and may be washable. Pads made for your cat are more esthetically pleasing, but, just placing a towel or blanket over a chair will attract your cat and prevent hair from being deposited on your furniture.

Heated Beds

You can purchase a cat bed that comes with a heating unit that fits inside the bed. These beds are ideal if you live in a cold climate, or if your cat suffers from joint pain and arthritis. Cat’s love to be warm, so a heated bed may be an ideal option for your cat.


Furniture cat beds come in styles that complement your decor. Bunk beds, hammocks, chaise lounges, stuffed sofas and chairs are just some of the styles that are available. While these types of beds are comfortable for cats, they are designed mostly to appeal to humans.

Window Perches

A window perch attaches to the windowsill so your cat can snooze or leisurely watch the world go by. Window perches are either firm or soft. If your cat enjoys sleeping in the sun, installing a perch in a sunny window may be just the ticket for his comfort.Ensure that the bottom is secured so it will not slip. Placing your cat bed on a high perch is not recommended.

Cat tree with a perch

You may want to consider a cat tree that includes scratching posts as well as sleeping perches. Your cat may enjoy resting on a high perch so that it has a great view of the surrounding environment. This type of bed can also provide your cat with fun and exercise. Cat trees are best suited for young and active cats. You should also consider your cat’s weight and make sure the perch can support your cat.

Placing Cat Bed in Your Home

If you want your cat to use a cat bed instead of spending the day lounging on your furniture, then you should place the bed in an area that your cat already likes to sleep. This may prompt your cat to use their own bed.

Cats love to be warm so you may want to try situating your cat’s bed in a sunny spot. Try putting the bed in a room that has lots of natural light and windows.

Your cat needs a clean, quiet, and private place to sleep and rest. This place should be warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Keep the cat bed near food, water, and scratching posts, but have the litter box farther away from these things.

Getting Your Cat to Use Cat Bed

The following is a list of tips for getting cats used to the new bed:

  • Placing the bed where your cat already sleeps, then slowly move it to their new room or to where you want it in your home.
  • Cats love sunny spots and warm spots, so try that first.
  • Some cats like to be high up, so you may want to find a higher location for the bed.
  • Leave small healthy treats in the bed.
  • Use a small amount of catnip spray or put organic catnip leaves around the bed.
  • Praise your cat with special petting when he uses the bed.
  • Put one of your cat’s items in the bed, like a favorite pillow.

Here are some cat beds maybe your cats love, click on these images to order. Thank you.

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