Cat Windows Perches

In rooms where you don’t have space for a cat tree, or if you’re limited by budget, window perches are another way to add vertical territory. Many perches don’t require permanent installation and can be attached through tension-mounting and/or hand-tightening screws without damaging your walls. That’s great news for apartment dwellers.

Window perches come in various coverings. Some have removable covers that can be machine washed. There are a few perches that have heating elements as well, so your kitty can stay toasty warm while bird-watching on even the coldest day. The heated perches are wonderful for arthritic or elderly cats, but for cats who have trouble jumping, you’ll have to provide easy access to the perches.

Window perches come in various shapes and styles. Some are padded flat-board styles, and others are designed like hammocks. When shopping, keep your cats’ preferences in mind based on the types of places you’ve seen them sleep in the past. Some cats like the cozy comfort of a hammock, but others may feel too vulnerable and would prefer some solid support.

Even if you have cat trees, it’s a good idea to have at least one window perch because it creates a middle level for the hierarchy. The perch is also very portable, so if you have to set up a sanctuary room temporarily in order to introduce a new cat or reintroduce a resident kitty, it can be used in there.


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