Cat Tunnels – Great Interactive Toys for Your Cats

Cat tunnels are wonderful for playing in and also as secure passageways for frightened cats.

cat tunnels

For playtime, cat tunnels are great places for cats to hide as they wait to pounce on a toy during your interactive play sessions. Cats love hidden areas where they will be “invisible” to potential prey. Cat tunnels are also terrific during social play between companion cats.

For the frightened cat, a cat tunnel can provide a secure way to get from one side of the room to another. When I set up a sanctuary room for a cat, I often create a few cat tunnels: one from a hiding place to the litter box and one to the food bowl. The cat tunnel doesn’t have to go right up to the litter box or food bowl. It mainly just needs to cover the center of the room, because that’s where the cat will feel most vulnerable and exposed. This may encourage a frightened cat to feel secure enough to start venturing around the room.

Choosing And Using The Best Cat Tunnel For Your Cats

cat tunnels

You can be as elaborate and creative as you want when it comes to tunnels. You can buy soft-sided cat tunnels that connect to make them long and winding, or you can make several short cat tunnels. Soft-sided cat tunnels are available through online order and in some pet supply stores.

Another option is to make your own cat tunnels so they can be customized for specific areas of your home. When creating a cat tunnel, cut out one or two escape holes along the sides. This way, if two cats enter the tunnel from opposite directions, they won’t meet each other head-on, and one cat can escape out of the hole to avoid a feline train wreck.

Cat tunnels can be placed just about anywhere. If you don’t want them to be so obvious, you can slide your couch out from the wall a bit and place the tunnel behind it. Just leave enough room between the wall and the tunnel so the escape hole can be used.

If you want your cats to have some tunnels but you don’t want to spend any money, you can make a tunnel out of paper bags or boxes by cutting out the bottoms and taping the ends together.

If using paper bags, roll a cuff several times over on each end to prevent the bags from collapsing. Don’t forget a couple of emergency escape holes. You may not think the box or bag tunnels look very attractive, but your cats will have a blast.

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