Good guide to Naming your Cat – Top 52 most popular cat names 2018

Like other pets, we should give our cat a name. Picking a cat’s name is serious business, for someone, deciding on a name is a tortuous process that may take days or even weeks. But you don’t worry, there are many suggestions to do that thing and we give you a list of 52 most popular cat names too.

Try these suggestions

  • Picking a Cat Name by Hair Color or Coat Type or Appearance
  • Picking a Name by your Cat’s Breed
  • Naming your Cat for its Personality
  • Naming your Cat Based on Your Personality
  • Picking a Cat Name by Gender
  • Some owners select names referring to food
  • Others let the place they found the stray influence the cat’s name
  • And a lot of cats are named after famous people or places in history

Cat names

And here are 52 most popular cat names:

Angel Cleo Lucy Oscar Scaredy Trevo
Ashes Daisy Maggie Patch Shadow Whiskers
Baby Fluffy Max Patches Simba  
Bella Fraidy Millie Poppy Simon  
Blackie Ginger Missy Princess Smokey  
Buddy Jack Misty Puss Sophie  
Casper Jasper Molly Sam Sylvester  
Charlie Kitty Muffin Samantha Tiger  
Chester Lily Oliver Sammy Tigger  
Chloe Lucky Oreo Sassy Tom  



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