Why I Bought Many Cat Litter Boxes For My Cats

The general rule of thumb when it comes to the number of cat litter boxes you should provide for your cats is one for each cat and one extra. I have two cats in my house however I decided to buy 5 litter boxes, read on for the reasons why.

Not often but there are times when work or family commitments mean that I am out for long periods of time during the day. Or occasionally I may be out visiting family or friends and decide to stay over for the night. Or perhaps I may get caught in a traffic jam for hours on end. So having more than enough cat litter boxes acts as a safety net for those just in case moments of spontaneity.

Cats do all have their personal little quirks. More often than not I find that I am not actually the one making the decisions. My female cat Lilly for example likes to have two litter boxes, one for doing a wee and one for her other business. Given Lilly has two to herself I decided it was probably for the best to provide an extra two, a spare one for my second cat and a spare for just in case. Is it a bind for me having to clean out so many litter boxes? In all honesty I suppose it just becomes a chore that you fit into your daily routine, one of those things that you get used to doing. There are automatic cat litter boxes available on the market that makes the job of cleaning a whole lot easier.

Lilly who is a very young cat and Merlin my second cat who is 8 years old, don’t always see eye to eye. Lilly and her hyperactiveness, I think all gets a bit too much for Merlin at times, who just wants a quiet life. Merlin suffers from stress related cystitis so when it is all getting too much for him I seperate them to give him some time out. I therefore find it easier to have more than enough litter boxes scattered around the house.

Here are some recommended litter boxes maybe your cats love

Standard Cat litter boxes

Automatic Cat litter boxes

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