Signs That Your Cat Might Be Sick

Because your cat can’t tell you (in words) that he’s sick, and will in fact try to hide it from you, you should be aware of the behavior clues that signal ...
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Dental disease in cats

Dental disease in cats

Dental disease can occur in cats of any age, and unless you take specific care of their oral health needs, it can begin to develop in adolescent and young adult ...
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What is Catnip and How Does It Work?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the herb catnip, which is a member of the mint family. But did you know that not every cat likes it? The feline reaction to ...
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Lyme Disease in Cats

How to Prevent Lyme Disease in Cats

Lyme disease in Cats is a disease that Cats can get via the bite of an infected tick. This is common in the northwestern and mid-Atlantic United States. The disease ...
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Kidney failure in cats: definition, causes, signs, diagnosis and treatment    

DEFINITION Kidney failure in cats is the inability of the kidneys to remove waste products from the blood. The buildup of toxic wastes produces the signs and symptoms of uremic ...
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cat asthma

Cat Asthma: What You Need To Know

Cat asthma affects about one percent of all cats. It should be suspected if your cat has a cough or a wheeze or increased respiration rate or effort. If you ...
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Cat first aid

Basic Cat first aid You should know

If your cat is injured, carrying out some basic cat first aid checks may make the difference between life and death. Be prepared for emergencies and follow these guidelines to keep your ...
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My Cat is throwing up: causes and treatment guides

THROWING UP Throwing up is the forcible expulsion of stomach and/or intestinal contents through the mouth. It is important to try to distinguish between true throwing up and regurgitation, which ...
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feline leukemia

Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV): Symptoms, Progression, Transmission, Diagnosis, Prevention, Treatment

First discovered in the 1960s, feline leukemia virus (FeLV) is a transmittable RNA retrovirus that can severely inhibit a cat’s immune and causes certain types of cancer. This virus infection is responsible ...
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Cat first aid kit

Creating a First Aid Kit for your Cats

Everyone should have a first aid kit for their cat or kitten. In case there’s an emergency, everything you need will be in one place. You have two choices here ...
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