Creating a First Aid Kit for your Cats

Everyone should have a first aid kit for their cat or kitten. In case there’s an emergency, everything you need will be in one place.

You have two choices here. You can buy a ready-made first aid kit, or you can make one yourself.

If you decide to make one yourself, you can go to the fishing gear section of your local store and buy a small tackle box. These boxes have slots for fishing tackle, which you can put to good use for separating first aid supplies so you can easily see and grab them.

It’s a good idea to prepare two identical boxes: one for the house and one for the car. Most of the items will be similar to those in a first aid kit for people, but you must be very careful never to give your cat any human medicine without consulting your veterinarian. Many of  the over-the-counter medications we take are just not safe for cats – most notably, acetaminophen.

Inside your cat’s first aid kit you will need sterile gauze and adhesive tape or, preferably, vet wrap to use as a bandage. You’ll also need tweezers, scissors, petroleum jelly, hydrogen peroxide, nail clippers, a muzzle (a pet in pain may bite), cotton balls, a tongue depressor or something similar to use for a splint, a flashlight, sterile saline solution, a chemical ice pack, an oral syringe, antiseptic wipes, an anti-biotic ointment, eye wash, burn and insect relief lotions or creams, and a thermometer. Ear cleaning solution can also come in handy, as can latex gloves for you. You’ll want to have towels handy to wrap up kitty, and you’ll need the cat carrier for transport, so keep everything together in the same closet.

Keep your veterinarian’s phone number and address, along with directions, in the first aid kit, in case a pet sitter is with your kitty. Include an emergency after-hours veterinary phone number, poison control phone number, and a copy of your cat’s medical records, including proof of rabies vaccination. If your cat is on medication, write that down on a piece of paper in the first aid kit. If you’re traveling, before you leave home get the name of a good veterinarian in the area to which you’re traveling. Ask your vet to make a referral.

Here are some ready-made first aid kit you should choose for your cats

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