Before a new cat arrives: Cat essential equipment

Cat essential equipment checklist

  • Food and water bowls
  • Food
  • Carrier
  • Cat Toys
  • Litter pan
  • Collars and ID tags
  • Grooming tools
  • Scratching post
  • Cat Bed
  • First aid kit

There are a few cat essential equipment that should be in place before a new cat arrives. Once you get to know your pet’s preferences and personality, you can choose more particular items and equipment.

Food and water bowls

Cats need separate bowls of food and water. If you have more than one cat, prepare one for each cat. Bowls can be made of plastic or metal and the base is wide so that it is not tilted. Stainless steel bowls are the favorites among vets because they are easy to clean and sterilize. Glass and ceramic are also popular. Plastic bowls aren’t recommended because they may retain smells that the cat will find repellent. Plastic bowls are also more likely to be host to a kind of bacteria that can cause a type of feline acne or develop a chin rash.

If you are out of the house for long periods, it may be worth buying an automatic feeder. Such feeders have a lid to prevent the food from going stale and are set with a timer to pop open at your cat’s regular mealtime


There are a variety of ready-to-eat foods for cats, so choose the right type and balanced diet food for your adult cat and kitten.

Cat carriers

You can borrow a carrier to bring the cat home, but I suggest you have your own carrier for your cat, because sometimes we need to bring a cat to veterinary or maybe to a cattery when you travel. . And your cat will be less stressed when the cat is accustomed to its carrier.
There are different types of carriers you can choose from, you should choose a carrier that is wide and comfortable for cats. Put on the carrier cat old blankets so the cats get used to the smell and feel comfortable. Make cats familiar with the carrier before using carrier to carry the cat.

Cat Toys

Cats like playing with cat toys, although cat toys may not be considered as essential equipment.

Cat Litter

Cats need their own litter pan, which means you have to prepare each litter pan for each cat. Litter pan should be high enough and spacious for cats. Litter materials made of clay or absorbent pellets are the most convenient to use,  because they form clumps when wet, which are easy to scoop up.

Consider a mat under the box to catch stray litter. You can buy mats for that purpose at a pet store, or buy a few inexpensive carpet or linoleum samples that can just be tossed and replaced when they get too grungy.

Collars and ID tags

If your cat ventures outdoors,  it makes sense for him to wear  a collar carrying an address tag  in case he gets lost.

However, collars tend to snag  on branches or undergrowth.  To avoid the risk of a cat being caught up and possibly choked,  fit a collar with a quick-release fastener that snaps open when tugged. Collars with elastic inserts are unsafe, because som may stretch enough to become stuck around the head or allow the cat to put a leg through.

Grooming Tools

Cats love grooming, grooming time is a good time to create a closeness between you and your cat. Choose the right grooming tool for your cat.

Scratching Post

Your cat is going to scratch, whether you approve or not. Cats scratch anything in your family, so it is best to prepare scratching post for cats to limit cats damage to your household items. Scratch post should choose steady and high enough to secure and attract cats.

Cat Bed 

Cats can sleep on the sofa or on your own bed, but it’s better to have a cat own sleeping bed.

First aid kit

Customise your first aid kit to suit your cat. When administering medications or antiseptics to cats, always make sure they are safe to use. Also, include a tick remover in your first aid kit and the phone numbers of your veterinarian and an emergency clinic.

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