Cat vomits right after eating grass, a bad thing?

Cat eats grass

Cat eats grass, a bad thing?

If you are a cat owner then you will notice that sometime your cat is out of the garden and looking for some grass to eat and soon after cat eats grass It vomits. Do not worry, this is a cat survival instinct, many researchers think that this is not worrying but also beneficial for your cat.

First, cats are predators, cats will eat prey including bones, feathers, … are indigestible parts. Cats therefore need to eat grass to stimulate vomiting, causing cats to vomit in non-digestible portions, which is beneficial for the cat’s digestive tract.

Second, cats love to lick their hair, we notice that cats lick their hair several times a day and lick for other cats or lick for their kittens. This hair becomes a hairball in the gastrointestinal tract. If the hairball is not removed, the cats are likely to have a bowel obstruction. So when the cat eats grass, grass will help to split the hairball, making it easier to move in the gastrointestinal tract  and out in the stool.

Third, In grass containing folic acid, this is a vitamin that is needed by the body to produce hemoglobin, a protein that carries oxygen in the blood. If your cats lack this vitamin, your cat will have anemia, so you need to supplement the vitamin in the cat food.

So all in all, cats eat grass is not a bad thing. Many people believe that eating grass also helps cats reduce sore throat.

What do we do to help cat?

Only notice that not all grass or plants in your garden are safe for cats, since some grass or plants contain poison for cats, so it is best to buy grass seed for planting. It’s safer for our cats.

The seeds of grass for cats can be easily bought at pet stores and also very easy to grow. If you do not have much time to go to the store then you can order online and here are some options for your dear cats.

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