Why Does My Cat Bite Me?

A lot of people give this question “Why Does My Cat Bite Me?” and here are some reasons to answer this:

Sometimes even the most affectionate cat can become irritated and take a swipe at you or other members of the household. Understanding the motives behind this occasional or constant aggression can help you build a better relationship.

cat bites me

If your normally timid or loving cat suddenly becomes aggressive, it may signal a medical problem or injury. Check with your veterinarian. Your cat may have an injury that she does not want touched and may be in pain when you pet her. Or she may be irritated or aggravated by another health-related issue.

Some cats nip very lightly as a sign of affection. It is up to you whether this is acceptable or not. Take into consideration the fact that you may not be the only person around her. Her nips may not be appreciated by other family members or visiting friends. Teaching your cat not to nip people is especially critical if you have small children or infants in the house.

Other cats take to biting and scratching because they’re upset or feel unsafe. Environmental changes can heavily influence your cat’s behavior. Moving, new family members, or the addition or loss of other pets can influence a cat’s mood just as much as a human’s. When they feel unsafe or are disturbed by changes in the normal environment, many cats become defensive of their territory and try to take their security into their own paws by becoming physically aggressive.

Other attacks may be due to your cat’s issue with its food, water, grooming time, or sleep. As an instinct, some cats are protective of their food as a result of previous competition over food or lack of feeding in a past home. Grooming and nap times leave cats especially vulnerable. Some cats may feel uncomfortable being disturbed while they bathe, and many do not like to be awakened by strange people.

If a dog or other intimidating animal is a guest in your home, or if your cat is wary of a human visitor, be sure to give your cat her own space and do not let the “intruder” sniff out all of her favorite spots. This could lead to resentment-filled scratch attacks on you or on others and, possibly, an unnecessary fight between your cat and the visiting animal.

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