The Best Cat Food and Water Bowls

It’s a good idea to try to get the same kind of cat food and water bowls your cat was using at her previous home, so she’s comfortable with them – at least at first. That said, there are some wonderful choices that you might enjoy seeing as much as kitty will enjoy using.

You will need anywhere from one to three bowls for food and one to two for water (aside from folding travel bowls, which you may want if you travel with your cat). Why so many food bowls? It’s simple: one for dry food, one for wet food, and a third in case your cat has some regular dry food diet and a “side order” of hairball formula or other special food. Some cats don’t mind having the two types of dry food mixed together, while others prefer to have them separated.

Plastic bowls can cause skin problems, so you want to avoid those. There are cute crockery bowls and aluminum ones as well. Do not buy the food and water bowls that are made as one piece with two sections. Cats don’t like their food near their water. Cats need separate bowls, cleaned daily.

Cat bowls need to be wide and shallow. A cat’s whiskers are very sensitive and cannot be crammed into a deep bowl. It’s more natural and comfortable for a cat to eat and drink from flat, wide bowls.

Bowl placement is very important. Cats certainly don’t want their water or food near their litter box. That’s just common sense. The cat is more likely to stop using her litter box than to stop eating, so just separate the two. As for the water bowls, you should put out at least two, each in a different part of the house. Be sure to wash all the food and water bowls every day.

cat food and water bowls

Here, we decided to do a search for some of the best cat food and water bowls available based on their design and customer reviews. If you’re in the market for a new cat food and water bowls or just adopted a new cat, hopefully one of these will be right for you:


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