The Best Cat Carriers – High Rated by Cat Owners

A cat carrier is important not just for bringing your cat home but for taking her places such as to the veterinarian’s office and on trips. You will also need a carrier if you and your cat must leave home in a hurry for any reason. Whatever the reason, cat will have to be contained in a comfy carrier when she goes out, and you want it to be well constructed and safe.

Many people just use the cardboard carrier in which they’ve brought cat home from the shelter. But these carriers do not stand up to use over time. It’s best to buy your cat a sturdy carrier that will last her a lifetime. The better the cat carrier you invest in, the longer it will last. A cheap one will have to be replaced sooner, which means you will have to pay twice for the same item.

The cat carrier you buy should be sturdy, and it shouldn’t tip over or have canvas sides that sag inward. Check to see that the zipper that closes it can’t be easily opened with a paw. Cats are very clever about opening zippers and squirming out of small places. Check to see that the stitching is uniform and won’t separate. The material from which it’s made should be safe and strong. Check that first, and then you can think about the color and/or design that suits your taste. The carrier should also have good ventilation. Hard plastic carriers are mainly used for shipping animals and must be airline approved. They’re a bit more awkward to carry. Many rescue groups use them as well. But for your purposes, a good, canvas carrier with sides that don’t sag will suit you and your cat quite well.

Plastic carriers feature a hinged door and are very easy to clean, unlike the other types. The small openings along the sides allow for air circulation while providing enough shelter and privacy that your cat will feel secure while you move him. Place a washable blanket, towel, or carrier pad in the bottom of the carrier for your cat’s comfort.

Note: If you have multiple cats, each cat should have his own carrier. You wouldn’t want to find yourself caught in a situation, such as an evacuation, where you need to move all of your cats simultaneously and not be able to do so.

Getting Cat Used To the Carrier

How to Put Your Cat in the Carrier

Here, we decided to do a search for some of the best cat carriers available based on their design and customer reviews. If you’re in the market for a new cat carrier or just adopted a new cat, hopefully one of these will be right for you:


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